Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 4 Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer

Welcome to Week 4.

Attend ONLINE by reading Chapter 6 & 7 of Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer and the scriptures below; adding your prayer requests in the comments section

Next week Monday, October 7th, we will be covering Part 2, Chapter 8 & 9.

Bible study discussion leader
10AM to 11AM – Barbara Delmont
7PM to 8PM – Chastity Head

Barbara – 760-243-7742 home
Chastity – 760-265-3309 call / text

September 30th, 10 am, 7 pm and online classes.

Those in attendance today were Barbara, Chastity, Sheila, Joann, Connie, Loretta, Marissa, Nina, Sara, Anna and Trinity at both our 10 am & 7 pm classes.
We had 2 children in attendance for childcare for the morning / evening class only - Cost is free - DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED :)

List prayers / praise (00-07)
Lift prayers / praise (07-15)

Ch.6 Mind-Binding Spirits (7:15-7:30)
Unbelief grows confusion sprouting misery, pray against in Jesus’ name. Philip. 4:6-7 what prevents mind-binding spirits?
Delivered from mind-binding spirits
Controlled thoughts equal controlled life of freedom, peace & faith. John 8:31-32 how are we delivered from mind-binding spirits?
Decide to Believe
Decide to believe what you don’t understand in Jesus’ name. Rom. 8:26 what do we need to decide to believe the Spirit can do for us?

Ch. 7 Think About What You are Thinking About (7:30-8:00)
More meditating on the Word leads to more reaping from the Word. Ps.119:15 what information have you spent the most time studying this week? How has it blessed you? If not, why not?
Be Careful What You Think!
Dedication to reading & hearing Word gives power to do. Mk. 4:24 what have you spent the most time hearing this week? How has it blessed you? If not, why not?
Meditate on the Word
Do the Word by spending time thinking about it. Ps. 1:1-2 to be blessed, what are we to do and not do?
Meditation Produces Success
Thinking on Word produces success NOT allowing Satan’s controlling thoughts. Josh. 1:8 If I speak, study & do God’s Word, why am I not rich?
Thinking About What You Are Thinking About
Weekly church, daily word brings victory only with controlled thinking. Eph. 2:3 how does this help renew your mind?
Meditate on the Works of God
Victory in aligning thinking with God, choosing defeat by refusing importance. Ps. 48:9 what loving-kindness has God showed you to hold onto when times get hard?
Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind
Renewed right thinking isn’t eternal salvation but victorious living now. Rom. 12:2 transformation isn’t salvation but how has your salvation led to transformation?
Think on These Things
Miserable thoughts produce miserable actions blaming circumstances not thoughts. Philip. 4:8 what allows mind-binding spirits? Are you allowing them? How can we not?

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