Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 10 Chapters 18, 19 & 20

Ch 18 Please make everything easy;
I can't take it if things are too hard! Wilderness Mentality #3

God gives us His Spirit to work in us powerfully. Deut.30:11
The Helper John14:16
If everything was easy we wouldn't need Holy Spirit Helper.
The Easy Way & The Hard Way Ex 13:17
When in a hard time mind wants to give up, lean on God.
Hang Tough! Gal.6:9
Victory thinking in Christ not defeated thinking of world.
Success follows Suffering 1Pet.4:1-2
It's not what we suffer but our attitude in suffering.
Self Sufficient in Christ's Sufficiency Philip 4:12-13
Sunday warrior – Monday whiner – I can do all in Christ
Ch 19 I can't help it; I'm just addicted to Grumbling,
Faultfinding & complaining – Wilderness Mentality #4

God's will may be difficult but out of it is worse. 1Pet.2:19-20
Jesus as Our Example 1Pet2: 21-23
Christ's our example as we are others example of Christ
Called to Humility, Meekness & Patience Eph. 4:1-2
What we show is more important than what we say
The Patient Suffering of Joseph Ps. 105:17-19
Godly attitude through suffering works for good in the hands of God.
The Danger of Complaining 1Cor. 10:9-11
Our complaining gives Satan control God hasn't authorized.
Don't Grumble, Find Fault or Complain Philip. 2:14-15
We complain when we should appreciate; it's not way out.
Don't Fret or Worry – Pray & Give Thanks Philip. 4:6
Patience is not waiting but a good attitude while waiting.
Ch 20 Don't Make Me Wait For Anything;
I Deserve Everything Immediately- Wilderness Mentality #5
Enjoy where I am while I'm on the way to where I'm going Jam.5:7
Pride Prevents Patient Waiting Rom. 12:3
Pride is my impatience at not what I want as quickly as I want
Be Realistic John 16:33
Idealistic – No Problems / Realistic – Problems Happen
Patience: Power to Endure Col. 3:12
Not waiting ability but godly attitude in waiting ability
Patience is Brought Out By Trials Jam. 1:2-4
God purges us of our ungodliness before His godliness pours through
Trial or Inconvenience Num. 2:4
I can live in trials or have joy through inconveniences, my choice.
The Importance of Patience & Endurance Heb.10:36
Pride says NOW Humility says In God's Time
Straight Line Isn't Always Shortest Distance Goal Prov.16:25
Unhappy trying to make it happen wait for His Way His Time
Humble Yourself & Wait On the Lord 1Pet. 5:6
Not my way, my time but God's will God's time

Monday, November 4, 2013

WEEK 8 Chapter 14 A Passive Mind & Chapter 15 The Mind of Christ

Ch 14 A PASSIVE MIND Evil spirits are behind passivity. Hosea 4:6
EMPTY SPACE IS A PLACE. Fill up empty space with right thinking. Eph. 4:27
OVERCOMING PASSIVITY Overcome passive actions by overcoming passive thinking.
RIGHT ACTION FOLLOWS RIGHT THINKING Not choosing thinking by Word of God leaves empty space for evil spirits to inject thoughts. Rom. 12:2
SET YOUR MIND ON WHAT IS ABOVE Have backbone not wishbone-be active not passive-right action begins with right thinking. Col. 3:1-2
CH 15 THE MIND OF CHRIST Think as Jesus did. 1Cor.2:16
A NEW HEART AND SPIRIT. Thoughts bringing death forget God- thoughts bringing life glorify God. Ez. 36:26-27
USE YOUR WEAPONS. Suicide from depression, no hope of future ,negative feelings from negative thoughts. 2 Cor. 10:4-5
MEDITATE ON GOD AND HIS WORKS. Victory when regular part of thought life is on God's word and his work. Ps.63:5-6
FELLOWSHIP WITH THE LORD. Nothing closer to us than our thoughts, fill with the Lord daily for victory. John 16:7
FEAR NOT. Not how terrible I am but who I am in Christ. 1 John 4:18
BE RIGHTEOUS CONSCIOUS NOT SIN CONSCIOUS. Think deliberately the Word of God not randomly receiving thoughts as your own. 2 Cor. 5:21
BE THANKFUL AT ALL TIMES. Offer sacrifice of thanksgiving to God not sacrificing your joy to Satan. Heb. 13:15
OFFER THANKS ALWAYS FOR EVERYTHING. Thoughts and words from God's word praising at all times for everything giving thanks. Eph. 5:18-20
MEDITATE & PROSPER. Can't put the word into practice physically until you put into practice mentally. Josh.1:8
MEDITATE & BE HEALED. Being renewed daily inwardly shows on the outside. Prov.4:20-22
HEAR & HARVEST. The more time you spend thinking & studying the Word the more you will get. Mark 4:24
READ & REAP. Don't live off another's revelation, study for yourself. Mark 4:22
RECEIVE & WELCOME THE WORD. Study & meditation on word roots it in your heart. James 1:21
CHOOSE LIFE. The holy Spirit is quick to remind you. Rom 8:6

1. Think positive thoughts. God is positive our Lifter-Satan is negative our Depressor. Amos 3:3
2. Be God-Minded. Jesus had continual fellowship with God by having His mind on God. Is. 26:3
3. Be God-Loves-Me Minded. I have comfort in God's real love for me, I no longer live in fear. 1 John 4:16
4. Have an Exhortive Mind. Thoughts & Words are containers or weapons for carrying creative or destructive power. Rom. 12:8
5. Develop a Thankful Mind. Open door to enemy through complaining conversations leading to illness. Ps. 100:4
6. Be Word-Minded. Meditating on the Word of God ministers Life to you & those around you. John 5:38

1. Identify Nature & Cause of the Problem. The source of Depression is Satan. Verse 3
2. Recognize Depression steals Life & Light. Our spirit in God is powerful & free, Satan seeks to oppress it. Verse 4
3. Remember the Good Times. Think about things that will overcome the attack on your mind. Verse 5
4. Praise the Lord in the Midst of the Problem. Deceived away from God- disappointed when not satisfied – open door to depression. Verse 6
5. Ask God for Help. Help God, I cant hold on much longer without you. Verse 7
6. Listen to the Lord. We need God's attention & direction. Verse 8
7. Pray for deliverance. Keep mind on God not problem. Verse 9
8. Seek God's wisdom for knowledge & leadership. Out of God's will -open door for attack / in God's will – safe place to be. Verse 10