Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 10 Chapters 18, 19 & 20

Ch 18 Please make everything easy;
I can't take it if things are too hard! Wilderness Mentality #3

God gives us His Spirit to work in us powerfully. Deut.30:11
The Helper John14:16
If everything was easy we wouldn't need Holy Spirit Helper.
The Easy Way & The Hard Way Ex 13:17
When in a hard time mind wants to give up, lean on God.
Hang Tough! Gal.6:9
Victory thinking in Christ not defeated thinking of world.
Success follows Suffering 1Pet.4:1-2
It's not what we suffer but our attitude in suffering.
Self Sufficient in Christ's Sufficiency Philip 4:12-13
Sunday warrior – Monday whiner – I can do all in Christ
Ch 19 I can't help it; I'm just addicted to Grumbling,
Faultfinding & complaining – Wilderness Mentality #4

God's will may be difficult but out of it is worse. 1Pet.2:19-20
Jesus as Our Example 1Pet2: 21-23
Christ's our example as we are others example of Christ
Called to Humility, Meekness & Patience Eph. 4:1-2
What we show is more important than what we say
The Patient Suffering of Joseph Ps. 105:17-19
Godly attitude through suffering works for good in the hands of God.
The Danger of Complaining 1Cor. 10:9-11
Our complaining gives Satan control God hasn't authorized.
Don't Grumble, Find Fault or Complain Philip. 2:14-15
We complain when we should appreciate; it's not way out.
Don't Fret or Worry – Pray & Give Thanks Philip. 4:6
Patience is not waiting but a good attitude while waiting.
Ch 20 Don't Make Me Wait For Anything;
I Deserve Everything Immediately- Wilderness Mentality #5
Enjoy where I am while I'm on the way to where I'm going Jam.5:7
Pride Prevents Patient Waiting Rom. 12:3
Pride is my impatience at not what I want as quickly as I want
Be Realistic John 16:33
Idealistic – No Problems / Realistic – Problems Happen
Patience: Power to Endure Col. 3:12
Not waiting ability but godly attitude in waiting ability
Patience is Brought Out By Trials Jam. 1:2-4
God purges us of our ungodliness before His godliness pours through
Trial or Inconvenience Num. 2:4
I can live in trials or have joy through inconveniences, my choice.
The Importance of Patience & Endurance Heb.10:36
Pride says NOW Humility says In God's Time
Straight Line Isn't Always Shortest Distance Goal Prov.16:25
Unhappy trying to make it happen wait for His Way His Time
Humble Yourself & Wait On the Lord 1Pet. 5:6
Not my way, my time but God's will God's time

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